Tips which might be useful during Monsoon season..

Hello Ladies,

I know we all love rainy season. Monsoon just change whole mood in to romantic mood. A bit Relief from summer..AAAhhh!!!!

I love to cook during monsoon. Pakora with chutney and tea is my all time favourite snacks. But as season changed it might brings some health problems especially for kids and elderly. Along with it managing home become tedious task during monsoon season. So here i come some tips which might be useful and you will enjoy your monsoon season without any worry….

Having Some BASIC MEDICINE at home:  If you have kids and elderly at home. So this tip might be useful for you. Having Basic medicine like Paracetamole, cough syrup, Vicks vapour rub, anti fungal talcum powder etc.  Make a box a these basic medicine and keep it safe place (keep out reach of children). If you are not sure about what basic medicine you need to have please ask you doctor. 


Have Some mosquito repellent: Monsoon brings a lot of mosquitoes and fly. Keep mosquito repellent at home all time. Try to have natural mosquito repellent which do not cause any allergic reaction to you and kids. Apply Mosquito repellent cream to kids if they are playing out. keep them covered like full sleeves clothes (like me). 

Keep it in air tight close container:  Keep all the spices/sugar or stuff that prone to get moisture in air tight container. Also don’t stock to much in this season as requires lot of maintenance BUT if you are leaving in flood prone area then stock of packet (ready made) would be useful . if any whole spice got moisture and you want to grind. Then you can fry spice on hot pan for 1 minute. Wella!!!! spice is ready for grind.

Keep extra towel: i know this might be silly one. Trust me!! it is not. you need towel every time in this season and you don’t get enough time to dry them. Along with it always keep extra pair door matt.

Eat Healthy: There are more chances to get diereses from contaminated water and food. So try to avoid street food. Use filter water or boil water for drinking. Try to avoid raw food like SALAD.  Keep hydrated yourself. Drink herbal tea. Have some multivitamin which boost your immune system.

Do Indoor activity: I know it is not possible for us to go  for walk. So try to do indoor activity like yoga, Dance. Also, plan some indoor activity for kids to keep them busy. You would play “dress up”.

Clean and hygiene: Always have hand sanitise bottle in your bag. As this season have more changes to caught with viral and bacterial infection. Keep wipes and tissue paper to dry yourself. Use Dettol in washing clothes and mopping surface. Don’t wear outside slipper at home. These little tips would help you and also house will be kids friendly.

These are my #monssonblogging tips for you. If you have any please let me know in comment section.

Many thanks for reading

Ira sharma

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20 thoughts on “Tips which might be useful during Monsoon season..

  1. beautyissh

    All the tips are very useful!
    Monsoon brings many diseases and Unhygienic environment with it so these tips are Essential to keep up with our immunity system and daily life


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  3. anamika

    I hate mosquito and monsoon brings a lot insect … Instead of Mosquito repellent cream, I keep insect killer racket 🙂 You wrote a very good article 🙂


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