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So, before i start my blog, i would like share my personal experience and my background. I am working and studying mother of 16 month old son. So my hands are full of responsibility. So i put everyone first before me and compromise with my health. Now, i feel tired, unhappy and unwell. I was facing all the possible health issue whether hair fall, skin issue and what not. I was just complaining all the time “I am feeling Tired”  “Oh!!! i have pain in my body” “My skin look so dull” and so on………..

We know ladies, NO ONE like complains!!! Also, after a certain point when no one take it seriously your health as we do not take our health seriously first hand….

Therefore, I am requesting you ladies please look after your self…..

As Mom always says to me “you can share your heart pain not physical”

Taking supplements: During pregnancy we take all supplements like folic acid, calcium and others. After delivery we tend to stop those supplements.  Why ladies!!! you have given birth and it take all the energy. So please take you supplements and double check with you doctors as you might breastfeeding. Also, when you stop breastfeeding please do not stop your supplements. Supplements would help in you hair, skin and nails. Of course!! in your energy.

Watch what you eat: Take proper nutrition. When you eat meal, do not take as you are eating calories means do not count your calories. Enjoy your meal. Also, watch you are eating. Eating junk food is not healthy at all. Do not feel that you delivered the baby now you do not to eat that much food. Take proper diet. Drink a lot water. Consult you nutritionist after pregnancy and plan your diet accordingly. Trust me ladies you need much more energy after you delivery. Take lot of fibres as you might have constipation. Take lots of dry fruits.

Start exercise: In our culture (Indian) people believe that after delivery take 45 days rest.  They believe it is enough time to recover. Afterwards start exercise. If you have concern about it please double check with your doctor.Start exercise slowly. Walking is very good option as i am doing a lot of walking. Do not stress yourself to go back in shape. Yo will be, if you are consistent in your workout regime. Also these workout help you to built stamina. Do not forget to do pelvic floor exercise. You could take help of some app like Squeezy. 

Postpartum Depression: Around 15% of women feel postpartum depression. If you feel low energy, moody, anxiety, sadness and empty. If you have feeling to harm your baby ,Then please consult to your doctor. Share your feelings. Keep yourself busy. Start doing some activity. Listen some music.  Do whatever you feel make you happy. Do not feel having a postpartum depression is a taboo. Do not ignore it. During this your Midwife would help you a lot. Postpartum depression require medical treatment. So please speak to your doctor.

Stress: I know you feel stress after delivery. Body have changed completely. Breast engrossed. Belly is still out. you feel pain here and there. There is vaginal discharge up to four weeks. DO NOT stress yourself. It just a phase. it will be pass on. Enjoy your time with baby.

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Tips which might be useful during Monsoon season..

Hello Ladies,

I know we all love rainy season. Monsoon just change whole mood in to romantic mood. A bit Relief from summer..AAAhhh!!!!

I love to cook during monsoon. Pakora with chutney and tea is my all time favourite snacks. But as season changed it might brings some health problems especially for kids and elderly. Along with it managing home become tedious task during monsoon season. So here i come some tips which might be useful and you will enjoy your monsoon season without any worry….

Having Some BASIC MEDICINE at home:  If you have kids and elderly at home. So this tip might be useful for you. Having Basic medicine like Paracetamole, cough syrup, Vicks vapour rub, anti fungal talcum powder etc.  Make a box a these basic medicine and keep it safe place (keep out reach of children). If you are not sure about what basic medicine you need to have please ask you doctor. 


Have Some mosquito repellent: Monsoon brings a lot of mosquitoes and fly. Keep mosquito repellent at home all time. Try to have natural mosquito repellent which do not cause any allergic reaction to you and kids. Apply Mosquito repellent cream to kids if they are playing out. keep them covered like full sleeves clothes (like me). 

Keep it in air tight close container:  Keep all the spices/sugar or stuff that prone to get moisture in air tight container. Also don’t stock to much in this season as requires lot of maintenance BUT if you are leaving in flood prone area then stock of packet (ready made) would be useful . if any whole spice got moisture and you want to grind. Then you can fry spice on hot pan for 1 minute. Wella!!!! spice is ready for grind.

Keep extra towel: i know this might be silly one. Trust me!! it is not. you need towel every time in this season and you don’t get enough time to dry them. Along with it always keep extra pair door matt.

Eat Healthy: There are more chances to get diereses from contaminated water and food. So try to avoid street food. Use filter water or boil water for drinking. Try to avoid raw food like SALAD.  Keep hydrated yourself. Drink herbal tea. Have some multivitamin which boost your immune system.

Do Indoor activity: I know it is not possible for us to go  for walk. So try to do indoor activity like yoga, Dance. Also, plan some indoor activity for kids to keep them busy. You would play “dress up”.

Clean and hygiene: Always have hand sanitise bottle in your bag. As this season have more changes to caught with viral and bacterial infection. Keep wipes and tissue paper to dry yourself. Use Dettol in washing clothes and mopping surface. Don’t wear outside slipper at home. These little tips would help you and also house will be kids friendly.

These are my #monssonblogging tips for you. If you have any please let me know in comment section.

Many thanks for reading

Ira sharma

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My Thoughts on L’Oreal Lip paint/Matte

Hello.. Hope you will have great week head and will enjoy my blog along with it.

I am going to review L’Oreal Lip paint/Matte liquid lipstick. When L’Oreal launched this i was   very excited. And the only reason was packaging.  I believe L’Oreal Launched 10 shades 5 in different nudes and 5 in different bright colours in UK. These liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and claims last up to 8 hours. These lipsticks also claims ‘non drying’, ‘non flaking’ and ‘non caking’,


Look at this packaging…..Totally in love with it…I feel packaging is travel friendly.Tube cap is in black and rest body is coloured according to lipstick colour. 


I picked three shades from Superdrug. Each cost me £6.99 for 8 ml. There was buy 3 for 2 offer. So i got 3 in price of 2.

The texture of these liquid lipstick is mouse or cream like very comparable to NYX liquid lipstick. I have been testing these liquid lipstick since a month. I got in three shades 1. Apocalypsered (205), 2. Nude-lst (212), 3. Wuthering purple (207).  I love the applicator. it is flexible and in triangle shape  especially design to reach corner of mouth and cupid bow.

I like most Apocalypsered (205). This colour will suit every skin tone. Such a berry tone red colour. i did not like Nude-lst (212). it will suits more lighter skin tone.  this colour may wash out medium and deeper skin tone.


  • These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented.
  • Very comfortable on lips and not drying on lips.
  • Not Bleeding.
  • Long lasting 8 hrs (without eating).


  • Transfer a lot.
  • If you eat something oily you may need touch up.
  • Not Kiss proof.
  •  As it says matte. But i would say it is semi matte.                                                                                                                                                     Overall, i like the  L’Oreal Lip paint/Matte liquid lipsticks.

What you guys think, please let me know through comment section.


My Parenting Mantra…



Welcome aboard this blog train – My Parenting Mantra. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to drive it for over a month. We promise to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience. Following the blog train i will be writing about my parenting mantra.

Thanks to Madhvi  http://www.wackywe.com/  who blogs at “My parenting mantra” for introducing me. Meet all our blogger moms who are part of this blog train here

Before we start, i would love to tell you about me. So, i am full time research student and doing a part time job. Blogging is just my hobby. Having a kid when your hands are full of responsibility is a big task. BUT i must say it is a Most  JOYFUL task. I am feeling butterfly in my stomach while writing this post. This post giving me flash backs of memory  when i did hold my bundle of joy. Be a mother was very overwhelming for me.

….Parenting is a journey where you and baby grow together. Each moment is special. Everyday brings something new.  So just  enjoy your moments with little one. Create memory. Live in moments.

I know you are having sleepiness night, toddler throwing tantrum at you, you are busy cleaning the baby mess no time for yourself and what not. They say parenthood is a blessing but when you are going through all this you do not feel same, especially when you don’t have any help. So for this i adopt some mantra which keep me clam and helps me enjoy with my little one along with fulfilling my other responsibility.

My Parenting Mantras 

  • Go with the flow. You can’t have exceptions with kids. There might be chances things will not fall liked you plan. It is OK if things not go well.  May be tomorrow will be your day. Don’t give up.
  • Never ever compare your parenting with others. Do what you believe in which good for you and your little one.  Likewise, never compare your baby with other babies. Respect his/her individuality. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself and on little one. Things will come sooner or later. It just matter of time.
  • Don’t raise question on your parenting. I know we all do. We always think we are doing wrong.  There is nothing called “wrong Parenting” You know yourself and your baby that no one else could do. You know how much you are pushing the envelope so just have trust on your Instincts.
  • Thinking of yourself before baby is not selfish parenting. If you are happy from inside then only it is possible that you will be give a positive environment for kids.
  • Go for walk or be in fresh air for some time. I was not outdoor person at all. Even did not like walk outside. But after adopting this mantra i feel more energetic and baby feel more relax too. Fresh air reduce your mental stress and you feel good just breathing that air.
  • Yes and No things. I believe there should be fairly YES and NO sign for children activity. Like i told mine NOT TO TOUCH switch boards or hot things or medicine but there will nerve a NO sign on his  enjoyment.
  • Always prepared for unplanned things. Always have emergency numbers nearby you. This mantra good for nuclear family like us where husband goes to work and you manage baby alone.



These are my parenting mantra which i learnt in 15 months of parenting journey. Along with, i am trying to adopt some mantra but i am not there yet. I am working on it. Like be patience, talk more to the baby and list is so long that could not write here.

Enjoyed reading My Parenting Mantra? Don’t forget to read what our next blogger mom Rashmi SIngh who blogs at https://ajisthsmomstyle.wordpress.com/ says about her Parenting Mantra. Also, do comment and let us know your opinions. We are all ears.


What is going on Instagram :)

Hey Guys!! I am back again..

So, i am new blogger. You can read about me more on my First blog which is  “How to be Blogger 101 experience”.   I am assuming that we all in Instagram. So, social media is great platform for all bloggers. We all working very hard. Few question which this blog cover what is Instagram, How it works and what going on Instagram.

What is Instagram:

If you don’t know what is Instagram. Dude!! In which era you are living in or Simply you are social media fan. Its an app where you post your pictures/videos like a Facebook or twitter.

How it works:

Instagram is a huge platform for us (blogger/business). You upload your videos/photos and try to reach people to build your own community. Sounds simple!!! Hell NO… only a blogger/insta business knows how much hard works goes into it. You completely eating/drinking/ breathe on it. YESS. it is reality. Be active, be consistent it requires a lot of hard work. Also building the audience and being true to them is also a responsibility. SO, better you  take it Seriously.

Whats going on Instagram: 

Instagram works on building on audience. That is what inspire me write a post. So building an audience requires lot of effort. Be true, honest , keeping up with trend, working on good content, quality. This requires lot of time and patience. But who have that ;). So what trend is going on “Follow for Follow” , Like for like” and so on. This is good to support each other.  BUT what very soon you will realise it that support is fake (will follow you for day 1 or day 2 and as soon you follow them, they will unfollow you. I know it is cheap tactic). You will see drama follow then unfollow again Follow and then again unfollow over and over. This create distraction from your aim and depressive though.

Just download any app which tell you who did unfollow you and you could pay them back :D.  Some support are true and you will learn a lot  from them. Trust me !!!  i did. But Guys that not we all want. We need to grow organically. I know Follow for follow might work for some. I was doing it for quite some time. It didn’t work for me. Many of them surely unfollow you after you did follow back. This may raise question: are your feed not good enough. is content not good. I would advise you spend your energy to your feed, content and try to engage with audience rather then these strategy. You have to trust on work and audience will grow slowly.

Some tips for Instagram:

Everyone has busy life.  Any content on social media have very short span to grab a attention. So, your content should and must make full of that short span. Some tips are here:

  1. Work on your picture quality.
  2. Have good content.
  3. Be honest.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Do collaborations with other bloggers so you will exposed to new audience.
  6. Use correct hashtags.
  7. Promote your post by insta stories.
  8. Be engaged to your audience
  9. Develop connection.

Note: I am not a  expert in Instagram things. It is what i experienced first hand and learnt from it.

If you are a blogger then please do share your experience.

Thanks for your time. Please do comment and let me know if you want to add on to this or you have something different to it.

Love you all